Copycat Crumbl Cookie Recipes can be made at home, and the result is a delicious and soft cookie that tastes BETTER than Crumbl.

If you’re a big cookie lover like I am, then you most likely have heard of the popular cookie bakery called Crumbl and have swooned over their large Crumbl cookie recipes they sell.

The history of Crumbl dates back only a few years. Crumbl started in 2017 in Logan, Utah. Back then the only cookie they sold was their famous chocolate chip cookie. Now Crumbl has over 254 stores across 30 states and rather than selling 1 flavor, it operates on a rotating menu and puts out new, fun cookie flavors each week!

So as to save on trips to Crumbl, and give my wallet a much needed break, I decided it was time I created Crumbl copycat recipes that anyone can make at home. The result? Cookies that taste even better than what Crumbl serves!

Four photos of Crumbl Cookies with text overlay.

One of my most popular Crumbl copycat recipes is my Crumbl chocolate chip cookie recipe — which was also the first Crumbl copycat recipe I posted on my blog. Here is what one reader has to say about the recipe:

“These come out perfect for me every time! I’ve made them for many people and just had them at my last piano recital. People raved about them. I love that all of your recipes are perfectly salted. Thank you for making the perfect recipe!”

Since so many people have loved this cookie recipe, so began my love of trying Crumbl cookies and creating more copycat recipes to share with you!

Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookies
A perfect Crumbl copycat recipe. What you get is a thick, chewy, and large chocolate chip cookie that tastes JUST like a cookie from Crumbl.
A homemade Crumbl chocolate chip cookie being torn in half.
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Crumbl Sugar Cookie Recipe
This copycat Crumbl sugar cookie recipe tastes BETTER than Crumbl! The subtle almond sugar cookie is topped with a pink almond frosting. This cookie is normally served chilled at Crumbl.
A Copycat crumbl sugar cookie topped with pink frosting on a white background.
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(Crumbl Copycat) Chocolate Oreo Cookie
A rich chocolate Oreo cookie base is loaded with Oreo cookie crumbs and black cocoa powder, then topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting. This cookie is big, soft, and so yummy!
A Chocolate Oreo Crumbl Cookie on a white plate.
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Copycat Crumbl Caramel Apple Cookies
A soft apple spiced cookie is topped with a creamy caramel frosting and topped with homemade streusel.
A Caramel Apple Cookie on a vintage black plate.
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Crumbl Cookie Dough Cookies
These Crumbl Cookie Dough Cookies are decadent, sweet, and so unique! A sweet brown sugar cookie is topped with an ice cream inspired frosting and garnished with mini chocolate chips and edible cookie dough bites.
Crumbl Cookie Dough Cookies topped with white ice cream flavored frosting, mini chocolate chips, and edible cookie dough bites.
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Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cookies
These copycat Crumbl cookies and cream milkshake cookies are a perfect treat for when you want something sweet and chocolatey. Made with an Oreo sugar cookie base and then topped with cookies and cream frosting and a mini Oreo they almost look too good to eat!
A Crumbl Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cookie on a white parchment paper.
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Crumbl Biscoff White Chip Cookies
These copycat Crumbl Biscoff White Chip Cookies are flavor-packed with Biscoff cookie crumbs, cookie butter, and cookie chunks!
Crumbl Biscoff White Chip Cookies on a tan background.
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Crumbl Oreo Sandwich Cookies
These giant Oreo Sandwich Cookies taste just like the ones from Crumbl, but BETTER! The cookie dough is rolled in crushed Oreos and features a mallow fluff filling that is absolutely amazing!
A copycat Crumbl Oreo cookie sandwich on a white background with Oreo crumbs surrounding the cookie.
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Soft Crumbl Ruby Chocolate Chip Cookies
These Crumbl ruby chocolate chip cookies are thick and chewy with flavors of almond and vanilla for the perfect cookie recipe.
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Copycat Dirt Cake Crumbl Cookie (Soft Chocolate Cake Cookie)
This Copycat Dirt Cake Crumbl Cookie Recipe has a soft chocolate cake-like cookie topped with homemade chocolate frosting and oreo crumbs.
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Crumbl Copycat Key Lime Pie Cookie
Delicious graham cracker cookies, topped with a sweet and tart key lime topping, these Crumbl Copycats are key lime pie in cookie form.
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Chewy Crumbl Pumpkin Roll Cookies
These pumpkin roll cookies are made with a thick and chewy pumpkin cookie topped with a cinnamon sugar mixture and a cream cheese frosting!
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Copycat Crumbl Twix Cookies – Cooking With Karli
Copycat Crumbl Twix Cookies are a sugar cookie base loaded with Twix bars, topped with caramel and milk chocolate.
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Ultimate Crumbl Peanut Butter Cookie Copycat – Borrowed Bites
This Ultimate Crumbl Peanut Butter Cookie Copycat recipe makes huge, soft cookies layered with peanut butter and rolled in sugar.
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Aggie Blue Mint Cookies (Crumbl Copycat)
Crumbl’s Aggie Blue Mint cookies are minty chocolate Oreo perfection! My Crumbl copycat recipes make it easy to make Crumbl Cookies at home!
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If you were a Crumbl cookie recipe developer, what unique flavor would you come up with? Let me know in the comments below!