2021 was a great year! We had tons of delicious new recipes and even kicked off some Reader Challenges many of you participated in. Thank you!

I love sharing the top recipes of the year because it’s exciting to see what you guys are loving and which recipes you come back to again and again! I’ve shared a lot of fun Crumbl Copycat Recipes and took a dive into black cocoa for some delicious Oreo Desserts!

As we roll into 2022, here’s a look back at the 15 most popular recipes from 2021! What would you like to see on Salt & Baker in 2022?

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A collection of dessert images like nutella brownies, chocolate chip cookies, scotcharoos and monkey bread.

I’m so glad you guys loved my Nutella Brownies recipe this year! We added some new photos and information in the post to help. These brownies are so yummy I rarely make any boxed brownies unless I’m doctoring them up like my Oreo Truffle Brownies!

Nutella Brownies
Densely packed Nutella Brownies! Soft, thick, and chewy! These brownies are loaded with Nutella and studded with chocolate chips, they are sure to a new favorite!
Nutella Brownies topped with sea salt on a white background.
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Number 14

It’s no surprise this monkey bread recipe made it into the top 15! It’s such a fun recipe to make for family or friends. The pull-apart bread is covered in cinnamon sugar around each dough boll and it’s like the entire dessert is all cinnamon roll centers — which is the best part!

Monkey Bread Recipe
Buttery cinnamon sugar coated dough balls are baked in a bundt pan to make the most delicious monkey bread! We love to eat this around the holidays, it makes for a great breakfast or dessert.
The Best Monkey Bread Recipe covered in a white glaze on a white plate.
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Number 13.

It’s so good to see a yearly and family favorite is making its way into your family traditions as well! This sweet potato casserole is a staple for special dinners like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m so glad you guys are loving it!

Easy Sweet Potato Casserole
This sweet potato casserole is a holiday dinner must-have! Creamy sweet potatoes are topped with a sugary and buttery pecan topping.
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Number 12.

There’s really nothing like hiding a super healthy vegetable in a smoothie like we do in this broccoli smoothie recipe! It’s such a fun smoothie to make for my kids to get that extra boost of vegetables in their diet. I’m glad you guys have enjoyed it too.

Broccoli Smoothie
Broccoli in a smoothie, yes, it’s delicious! And you’re going to be hooked! This smoothie is loaded with broccoli, spinach, mango, banana, strawberries, and pineapple juice.
A blender filled with raw broccoli, strawberries, mango chunks, and banana for making a Broccoli Smoothie.
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Most Popular Recipes number 11

The wonderful thing is that you can use this cake pops recipe with any cake flavor you’d like! It’s so versatile you can use it for holidays, birthdays — all year long!

Chocolate Cake Pops
Chocolate cake pops are a danty and delicious treat, perfect for any kind of party.
Chocolate Cake Pops in a styrofoam block.
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Number 10 image

After a long, crazy year I could use a nice massage and a glass of this delicious mojito mocktail! It’s such a fun drink to spice up any festivity!

Strawberry Lime Mojito Mocktail
Strawberry, mint, lime, and Sprite make this virgin Strawberry Mojito recipe one worth repeating!
A tall mojito glass filled with a strawberry mojito mocktail with a lime wedge on the rim.
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The number 9 in a colorful hexagon.

I’ve loved making more Oreo recipes this year and am glad to see you guys are enjoying them too! This Oreo Ice Cream Cake is such a fun one because you can make it ahead of time and it lasts in the freezer for a loooooong time!

Oreo Ice Cream Cake
Layers of crushed Oreo, cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream make this a perfect dessert for hot summer days!
A slice of Oreo Ice Cream Cake on a white plate topped with crushed Oreos.
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The number 8 in a colorful hexagon.

This graham cracker crust is one of my favorite recipes because it is so easy, so good and so well used in my house! It’s the perfect crust for pies, cheesecakes and more!

Graham Cracker Crust
An easy to make, fool proof graham cracker crust recipe. We use this recipe for cheesecake, key lime pie, and french silk pie, to name a few!
A homemade Graham Cracker Crust pressed into a pie plate on a light gray background.
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The number 7 in a colorful hexagon.

This is such a fun one to see on the top 15 list! There is something so indulgent and satisfying about making your own ice cream — and this vanilla ice cream recipe is such a great base for adding fun fillers, too. I used it for my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream recipe!

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
A homemade vanilla ice cream that is creamy, silk smooth, and full of pure vanilla flavor.
Close up photo of Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream being scooping by an ice cream scooper.
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The number 6 in a colorful hexagon.

Crumbl copycat recipe have been SO fun to make this year! I have some great ideas for 2022, and I hope you’ll love them! Here’s one of your favorites — the OG Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie! The one that started it all!

Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
A perfect Crumbl copycat recipe. What you get is a thick, chewy, and large chocolate chip cookie that tastes JUST like a cookie from Crumbl.
A copycat Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie on a white background.
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The number 5 in a colorful hexagon.

This is such a fun recipe! They are irresistible! I make these for family gatherings and they are always eaten right up!

These soft scotcharoos are soft (not hard!) and topped with a smooth butterscotch chocolate topping.
Scotcharoos cut into squares.
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The number 4 in a colorful hexagon.

This delicious corn casserole is a fun new dinner idea we added to our family rotation this year. My kids love it! It’s so fun to see it make the top 15 and even sit at #4!

Mexican Street Corn Casserole
Mexican Street Corn Casserole is a really easy side dish that's whipped up in no time at all!
A large serving spoon scooping out Mexican Street Corn Casserole from a white baking dish.
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Number 3 in a colorful hexagon graphic.

Homemade ravioli is really such a fun skill to learn because the options are endless on what fillings to use. It’s a fun dinner idea that involves the kids, too! Plus, with the right tools and following my recipe, you’ll find it’s a lot easier than you think!

How to Make Ravioli
Homemade ravioli is a labor of love but once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun… and delicious!
A photo of homemade ravioli.
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The number 2 in a colorful hexagon.

These energy bites are frequent flyers in our house. We will make these when we really want something sweet but we know we probably shouldn’t have another dessert 😂! These are perfect because they satisfy the sweet tooth while actually being healthy!

No-Bake Energy Bites
A perfectly portioned healthy snack. One that’s portable and delicious. 
A black plate with no-bake energy bites stacked on the plate.
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The number 1 in a colorful Salt & Baker hexagon logo.

These chocolate peanut butter protein balls taste SO much like no-bake cookies! They are so yummy and such a fun easy — and healthy — dessert to make! Ringing it in at #1, I’m so glad you are loving these!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls
An easy protein ball recipe that will have you eating this for breakfast, snack, and dessert! 😉
A plate full of Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls.
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