These Mocktail Recipes with Sprite are delicious virgin mojito and mocktail recipes that your entire family can enjoy! Making a mojito mocktail with Sprite is a great way to serve your favorite drink at a family party where everyone can enjoy it! 

You can find tons of delicious drink recipes and smoothie recipes here, which are great additions to any meal! Also, here’s a quick tip: If you ever see recipes for Mocktails with Sprite, you can use 7-Up interchangeably! There are a few recipes I’m including here that have 7-Up pictured, but they are so similar in flavor you really can’t tell a difference between mocktail recipes with Sprite and mocktail recipes with 7-Up! 

A collage of images featuring mocktail recipes that use Sprite. There's a peach mocktail, non-alcoholic Sangria, limeade slush mocktail and strawberry mocktail drinks pictured.

We’re kicking off this list with a fresh blueberry mocktail! You can use Sprite, 7-up or Ginger Ale. I love this mocktail not just for the flavor but because of the deep purple color! It screams sophistication for me.

Blueberry Mocktail
Make a delicious Blueberry Mocktail using fresh or frozen blueberries, mint leaves, and fresh lemon juice. We like to add Sprite, 7 UP, or ginger ale to this refreshing drink.
A glass cup on a gray background filled with a blueberry mojito mocktail.
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Next up is my Strawberry Mojito Mocktail! You really can’t go wrong with a strawberry mocktail with Sprite! There’s something about the combination of the carbonation and the strawberry that is so yummy.

Strawberry Lime Mojito Mocktail
Strawberry, mint, lime, and Sprite make this virgin Strawberry Mojito recipe one worth repeating!
A tall mojito glass filled with a strawberry mojito mocktail with a lime wedge on the rim.
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This Blue Lagoon Mocktail recipe is so fun because of the delicious lemon flavor and the deep blue color! This virgin drink recipe is perfect for those boy baby showers!

Blue Lagoon Mocktail
This refreshing blue lagoon mocktail recipe uses just 3 simple ingredients to deliver this non-alcoholic blue drink.
A Blue Lagoon Mocktail in a large glass cup with a pink umbrella and lemon slice on the rim.
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Let’s hop on over to Spain for this next mocktail recipe with my Non-Alcoholic Sangria! This recipe calls for Ginger Ale, but using Sprite is a deliciously easy adaptation. This drink uses fruit juices and soda to bring in a delicious flavor and deep red color!

Non-Alcoholic Sangria
This delicious drink is perfect for holidays or special occasions because everyone can drink it! The flavors are beautiful and you can use seasonal fruits to add to the drink, don't feel restrained by what's listed in the recipe.
A glass of dark purple colored virgin sangria sitting on a gray plate.
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Now plenty of these mocktail recipes with Sprite you can enjoy any time of you, but I wanted to share my favorite Christmas drink that uses Sprite. It’s not a not a mocktail per se, but Christmas time is a big time for parties and cocktails, so I figured I’d share this amazing Christmas Cranberry Slush Punch with Sprite for another non-alcoholic drink you can share during the Christmas season!

Christmas Slush
This holiday drink is made with just 3 ingredients! It's so delicious and perfect for any holiday party.
A clear glass filled with Christmas Slush Punch fresh cranberries and an orange slice.
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This Fresh Peach Punch is a delicious twist on a peach cocktail! I love peaches! So turning peaches into a drink is my kind of idea of a party. With this peach punch with Sprite, you get all the delicious peach flavor and fizzy fun minus the hangover! Talk about win-win.

Peach Punch
This peach loaded punch is the perfect summer drink.
A glass full of peach punch in front of a blue background.
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Limeade Slush Punch is the virgin version of cherry limeade cocktails. Its deliciously citrus lime flavor pairs super well with Cherry Sprite or Cherry 7-Up for a fun and family-friendly cherry limeade slush drink! (This recipe is pictured with 7-Up, but it tastes just as amazing with Cherry Sprite!)

Limeade Slush Punch
An easy limeade slush with my secret ingredient… Cherry 7 UP!
A glass of limeade slush with limes and cherry 7-UP surrounding it.
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Virgin Mint Julep is the famous drink for the Kentucky Derby, but you can make this delicious mocktail recipe any time of the year! It’s classic mint flavor makes for a classic virgin mojito recipe with Sprite!

Virgin Mint Julep
This refreshing drink is exactly what you need during the summer!
Overhead photo of a virgin mint julep.
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This non-alcoholic Raspberry Lime Mojito Mocktail Recipe is the perfect virgin mojito recipe with Sprite to use any time of year! With it’s deliciously seductive red color, it’s the perfect mocktail for Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July or Christmas! Its raspberry lime flavor is punchy and prominent paired with the fizzy Sprite!

Raspberry Mojito Mocktail
A raspberry mojito loaded with juicey raspberries, fresh mint, a hint of lime, and Sprite or 7-UP!
Overhead photo of a homemade raspberry mocktail topped with lime and fresh mint sprig.
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The Spruce Eats has this delicious virgin Shirley Temple mocktail made with part Sprite and part Ginger Ale which is mouth-watering!

How to Make an Easy, Innocent Shirley Temple Drink
Learn how to make a Shirley Temple. This nonalcoholic drink sweetens two refreshing sodas with grenadine, and it’s easy to make at home.
How to Make an Easy, Innocent Shirley Temple Drink
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This delicious strawberry citrus mocktail is made with a sweet strawberry puree!

The Perfect Summer Drink – Citrus Strawberry Mocktail
This citrus strawberry mocktail recipe is the perfect refreshing summer drink! It’s great for parties, baby showers where you want easy mocktails for your guests, and really anytime you want something smooth, citrusy, and refreshing! It’s one of the best mocktail recipes out there!
The Perfect Summer Drink - Citrus Strawberry Mocktail
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Tis the season for another delicious holiday mocktail recipe with this cranberry orange mocktail from Dessert Now Dinner Later!

Cranberry Orange Mocktail
This non-alcoholic Cranberry Orange Mocktail is an easy and refreshing fruit punch drink for the holidays. It’s fizzy, fruity, and only 3 ingredients!
Cranberry Orange Mocktail
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The Blue Curacao from my Blue Lagoon Mocktail recipe is used in this delicious frozen blue rose mint julep mocktail! The mint touch is delectable!

Frozen Blue Rose Mint Julep Mocktail Recipe –
A mint julep is an easy summer drink. Try our Frozen Blue Rose Mint Julep Mocktail Recipe this summer. Perfect mint julep mocktail for kids and adults.
Frozen Blue Rose Mint Julep Mocktail Recipe -
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