Happy Wednesday! It feels like forever since I’ve done one of these posts. Life has been crazy the past few months. We are still adjusting to our new schedule (and quite frankly, my husbands new work schedule).

We survived our first real tropical storm this past week. But all is well with us! How are you?!

It’s technically fall (finally!), so tell me all the things you plan on baking! Let me know in the comments below.

I have some amazing pumpkin recipes that’ll be posted starting September 30th. I can’t wait for you to try them!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

But before I get carried away here’s a short recap of the recipes I’ve posted recently:

I received some frying pans in the mail this last week and oh my! I’m in love!! This is the set I have. I use the small frying pan multiple times each week when I fry an egg.

Going to implement a few of these: 8 things to do on a Sunday to have a better week.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that my youngest son broke one of my favorite decor items in my house. It was a large navy vase that sat on one of our coffee tables. The thing shattered into pieces! My sweet husband spent 2 hours glueing it back together for me. I didn’t even ask him to. ❤️

Love this sweater.

Do you decorate for Halloween? My son Bronson keeps pestering me to decorate. Note, we have very few fall/halloween decorations. I’m trying to hold him off until October 1st…. we’ll see if that happens.

Can we talk about these Mackenzie Childs pumpkins? So so pretty. I love this one, this one, and these. For those of you with young kids, this is much more affordable and less breakable, ha!

So excited because Nielsen Massey sent me a bottle of their vanilla extract. They have the best extracts, hands down. I also use their vanilla bean paste and love it too!

Salivating over

These beef enchiladas will be your new go-to recipe.

Salted honey crisp fritters…. love!

This Sun dried artichoke tomato salad looks unreal!

Really into salad recently because I’m drooling over this Caesar salad with garlic croutons.

The most raved about pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

How about these healthy almond butter chocolate chunk cookies.

Slow cooker beef stew… yum! Or how about this corn chowder soup!