Oreo Dessert Recipes are some of my all-time favorites! The deep Black Cocoa Powder flavor and color is perfect as Oreo Donuts, Homemade Oreo Cookies, Oreo Brownies and Oreo Ice Cream! If you are looking for the best Oreo desserts, you have come to the right place! 

Oreo lovers, pull out your Oreos, black cocoa powder and a food processor because all of these best Oreo dessert recipes use Oreo cookies, Oreo cookie crumbs, or black cocoa! To learn more about what black cocoa powder is and why we use it, read my black cocoa powder guide!

Oreo dessert recipes that will make your mouth water! Oreo milkshake, Oreo brownies, Oreo cookies, Oreo donuts and more!

This simple recipe is all about the proportions! You want the perfect thickness and slurpy-ness of the milkshake! I’ve nailed the ratios so give it a try! 

Oreo Milkshake
If you love Oreo's, you will LOVE this Oreo milkshake. It is the best ever! With perfect porportions of ingredients, this recipe will be one you make over and over again.
Two milkshake glasses filled with the best Oreo Milkshake recipe, against a white brick background with Oreo crumbs scattered around the cups.
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Dessert time is the best time when you are making these Oreo donuts! The black cocoa powder makes for a delicious Oreo chocolate cake like donut topped with a delicious frosting! 

Oreo Donuts
These Oreo donuts are the best ever!! They are made with black cocoa powder (which is an ingredient used in real Oreo cookies) AND they have crushed Oreos in the donut batter!
Oreo Donuts on a striped napkin.
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Red Velvet Cake has received a makeover with this Oreo Red Velvet Cake! The cookie crust and cream cheese frosting is the perfect combination with the sexy red velvet cake! 

Oreo Red Velvet Cake
This moist red velvet cake is baked on a delicious oreo crust then topped with the most decadent and smooth cream cheese frosting! This cake is perfect for any holiday, celebration, or late night eating. The flavor together are absolute PERFECTION!
A slice of Oreo Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting on a white plate on a gray background.
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I’ve created some easy Oreo desserts and some decadent Oreo dessert recipes, but it was about time I added a simple Oreo cookie recipe! These are so much better than the regular Oreos from the store! They are soft and super flavorful!

Homemade Oreo Cookies
I'm completely convinced these are the BEST Homemade Oreo Cookies ever! The Oreo cookies are made with black cocoa powder (which is found in real Oreos you buy at the store), crushed Oreo cookies, and then sandwiched with a vanilla buttercream.
Homemade Oreo Sandwich Cookies in a parchment lined bread pan.
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This heavenly Oreo dessert recipe features a black cocoa powder cookie base and takes inspiration from the cream cheese filling from Oreos in the cream cheese frosting in perfect swirls on top! 

(Crumbl Copycat) Chocolate Oreo Cookie
A rich chocolate Oreo cookie base is loaded with Oreo cookie crumbs and black cocoa powder, then topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting. This cookie is big, soft, and so yummy!
A Chocolate Oreo Crumbl Cookie on a white plate.
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These easy Oreo Cake Pops are little Oreo truffles on sticks! They are the perfect dessert for special occasions like baby showers or birthday parties because they are easy to make and perfect to share! 

Oreo Cake Pops
These 3 ingredient Oreo cake pops are easy to make and so delicious! You can use any color of candy melts to fit the occasion, think pink/blue for baby shower, red/white/blue for 4th of July, or orange and black for Halloween!
White chocolate covered Oreo Pops with brown chocolate drizzled overtop.
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While we are talking about Oreo cake, I’ve created the ultimate Oreo cake recipe! It’s layers of a silky and moist black velvet cake filled with my famous Oreo frosting!

Oreo Cake
This three tiered 6 inch cake recipe is a perfect representation of an Oreo cake! It features moist black cocoa cake layers and an Oreo loaded buttercream frosting.
A three layer six inch Oreo Cake recipe topped with an Oreo frosting, against a black background.
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And if you were looking for this recipe in cupcake form, I’ve got you! My amazing Oreo Cupcakes are one of my all-time favorite cupcake recipes!

Oreo Cupcakes
These are the best Oreo cupcakes! A rich and moist black velvet cupcake batter is spooned overtop a full Oreo cookie, then baked to perfection!
An Oreo Cupcake topped with Oreo frosting, that has been cut in half, exposing a full sized oreo on the bottom of the cupcake.
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Looking for the best Oreo frosting to use on cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes and more? Then my Oreo buttercream is for you!

Oreo Frosting
This smooth frosting is loaded with Oreo crumbs to create the most amazing Oreo buttercream you've ever had. We love to use this on top of Oreo cupcakes, black velvet cupcakes, cookies, or any cake!
Oreo Frosting swirled on a black cupcake.
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This Oreo crust is perfect for your favorite no-bake pies! If you love crushed graham crackers in pie crusts, then you are going to love this pie crust made with crushed Oreos! 

Oreo Pie Crust Recipe
This Oreo pie crust recipe is easy to make and so yummy! It's perfect for any and every pie.
An Oreo Pie Crust in a glass pie dish on a gray background.
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Bring these Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies to your next party and you will for sure be the guest of honor! These cookies are fun and delicious! 

Crumbl Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies
These soft copycat Crumbl Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies are absolutely amazing! They feature a soft (moist) Oreo and black cocoa powder packed cookie that's topped with a smooth cake batter flavored frosting. Add some sprinkles and mini Oreo truffles for extra flavor and flare!
Homemade Oreo cookies topped with white cake batter frosting, sprinkles, and Oreo truffles on a white background.
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Oreos crushed into fine crumbs, plus Oreo pieces and some melted white chocolate is the best way to amp up your popcorn experience! Oreo sweets can also have that delicious salty element with this amazing popcorn recipe! 

Oreo Popcorn
Air popped popcorn is covered with melted white chocolate, Oreo crumbs, and salt to create a fast and delicious snack recipe!
Oreo crumbs and white chocolate covered popcorn in a black bowl on a gray textured background.
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Another delicious Oreo snack recipe is my favorite type of snack — muddy buddies! Since I love traditional muddy buddies so much, I knew I needed to make an Oreo muddy buddies version!

Oreo Muddy Buddies
These Oreo Muddy Buddies are tossed in white chocolate and milk chocolate, then coated in crushed Oreo crumbs. It's the perfect snack for any Oreo lover!
Oreo Muddy Buddies tossed with chopped Oreos on a baking sheet.
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These chocolate sandwich cookies are filled with a delicious marshmallow filling laced with Oreos and vanilla extract. I’m torn between whether the best part of the cookie is the cookie or the filling! 

Crumbl Oreo Sandwich Cookies
These giant Oreo Sandwich Cookies taste just like the ones from Crumbl, but BETTER! The cookie dough is rolled in crushed Oreos and features a mallow fluff filling that is absolutely amazing!
A copycat Crumbl Oreo cookie sandwich on a white background with Oreo crumbs surrounding the cookie.
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This Oreo pudding dessert is made with a thick Oreo crust, smooth cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding mixture, Cool Whip and Oreo crumbs! It’s the easiest and most delicious dessert! 

No-Bake Oreo Dessert
This no-bake oreo dessert has 5 delicious and creamy layers. It starts with an Oreo crust, cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding, whipped topping, then finished with a dusting of crushed Oreo's. It's the perfect recipe for any time of year, but our favorite time to enjoy it is during spring and summer months when it gets warm outside and we want a cold and refreshing dessert.
A square slice of Oreo Dessert and fork on a white plate.
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Turning brownies into an Oreo recipe is easy peasy with these Oreo brownies! The dark chocolate brownies are topped with an Oreo truffle mixture and then a smooth chocolate ganache!

Oreo Truffle Brownies
This recipe features a rich and fudgy chocolate brownie topped with a creamy layer of irresistible Oreo truffle, and deliciously smooth melted chocolate ganache.
An Oreo Truffle Brownie on a white background.
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Nothing beats the heat like this Oreo Ice cream Cake with delicious layers of crushed cookies, ice cream, and whipped topping for an Oreo delight your family and friends will love! 

Oreo Ice Cream Cake
Layers of crushed Oreo, cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream make this a perfect dessert for hot summer days!
A slice of Oreo Ice Cream Cake on a white plate topped with crushed Oreos.
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Homemade cookies and cream ice cream has never been so good with this no churn ice cream recipe! It’s the perfect cold and sweet treat! 

No Churn Oreo Ice Cream
No churn ice cream is incredibly easy to make and tastes delicious! This ice cream is full of crushed and chopped Oreo’s with mini chocolate chips scattered throughout! 
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Have you found some new recipes to add to your favorite desserts? Don’t forget to add this delicious 6-inch Oreo cake! The coconut flavor pairs so well with the Oreo — it’s a match made in heaven! 

Coconut Cookies and Cream Cake
A delicious coconut cake baked on top of an Oreo crust. Each cake layer has a coconut filling on top and then a cookies and cream frosting goes around the entire cake. It's a delicious combo of flavors!
A Coconut Cookies and Cream Cake on a white plate against a white background.
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Made with an Oreo cookie crust, this mint ice cream Asphalt Pie is a total crowd pleaser! Plus, it’s a super easy recipe when you want something quick and delicious. 

Asphalt Pie
Oh how I adore this pie! I could eat it every day without batting an eye. This recipe features an Oreo pie crust (homemade of course) filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream then topped with whipped cream, lots of caramel, and crushed Oreos. It's a pie to be enjoyed year round!
A slice of Asphalt Pie on a white plate.
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Turning a milkshake into a cookie is my new favorite thing! The Oreo sugar cookie base is a fun spin on classic cookies and cream cookies. Then the cookies and cream frosting really makes you think your favorite Oreo milkshake! 

Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cookies
These copycat Crumbl cookies and cream milkshake cookies are a perfect treat for when you want something sweet and chocolatey. Made with an Oreo sugar cookie base and then topped with cookies and cream frosting and a mini Oreo they almost look too good to eat!
A Crumbl Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cookie on a white parchment paper.
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Classic cookies and cream cookies are sweet and packed with Oreo crumbs! 

Cookies and Cream Cookies
Soft and thick cookies and cream cookies are loaded with chopped Oreo's, white chocolate chips, and a secret ingredient! These cookies are so delicious, everyone will go crazy for them!
A bite taken out of a Cookies and Cream Cookies, that's on a white parchment paper.
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This Nutella Cheesecake has a rich creamy filling that is packed with Nutella sitting on a delicious Oreo cookie crust. Who knew Nutella and Oreo would be so amazing together! 

Creamy Baked Nutella Cheesecake
A creamy, perfect baked, Nutella cheesecake! This recipe features a sweet Oreo crust, Nutella loaded cheesecake filling, and a rich Nutella ganache.
A slice of Nutella Cheesecake on a plate with a Nutella container in the background.
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Ice cream popsicles are creamy and delicious all year round, but especially during those hot summer months! 

Cookies and Cream Popsicles
Delicous and easy cookies and cream popsicles are the perfect summer treat to beat the heat!
Three cookies and cream popsicles on top of each other, with a bite taken out of the top popsicle.
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Add some festive halloween flair to these easy Oreo truffle balls! And mix it up with different holidays by using different colored sprinkles! 

Halloween Oreo Balls
Oreo cookies are crushed into a fine crumb and combined with cream cheese then dipped in melty chocolate. These Oreo balls make the perfect treat for your Halloween party!
Oreo balls covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with orange and black ball sprinkles.
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Oreo crumbs make the perfect edible dirt for these festive Halloween Dirt cups! The chocolate pudding layer and the crushed cookies is the perfect layered treat for kids!

Halloween Dirt Cups
Halloween Dirt Cups consist of alternating layers of Oreo crumbs and chocolate mousse. To get the appearance of a Halloween graveyard we add candy decorations such as gummy worms, pumpkin candies, and cracker "gravestones."
A Halloween Dirt Cup against a white background.
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Did you make one of these recipes? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a star rating and review below the recipe card on the respective post! 

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